Focus 1 - Smart design methodologies for clean combustion

The development of intelligent numerical models for combustion systems from preliminary design to full 3D optimisation:
Industrial KBE tools/environments for combustor design

  • This will contribute to halve the overall time for conception

LES techniques with enhanced NOx prediction capabilities

  • This will contribute to prepare the replacement of RANS by LES.

The new KBE tools shall integrate

  • Advances achieved in meshing software (automatisation, robust, high quality structured/unstructured meshes)
  • Manage CFD calculations (preventing errors and reduced time to design a combustor)
  • Optimisation (geometric variants, operating conditions)
  • Automatic rapid mesh generation and CFD setup
  • Rapid prototyping of combustion liners to reduce time and cost of product development
  • The ability of LES techniques to predict NOx emissions will be analysed as a step toward the replacement of RANS by LES in the industry

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