Focus 2 - Modelling and design of advanced combustor wall cooling concepts for combustor liner

  • To increase the accuracy and reliability of models that predict the behaviour of wall cooling devices in Low NOx combustor applications
  • Development of accurate numerical tools for CFD code in order to predict wall cooling combustor configuration, keeping into consideration: Modelling of the effusion cooling, Heat load under the effect of pressure oscillation
  • Development of numerical modelling to be used into a robust design methodology (QDRV) in order to predict : Heat load, due to the mixing process obtained in ULN combuston, Influence of the turbulence on the heat transfer by radiation

The use of a particular model of wall heat transfer will be tested with LES and URANS methods in the complex conditions of an aero-engine combustor.
A second approach will take into consideration the effect of air mixing and combustion radiation in the design of classical configurations and exploring innovative configuration of cooling system obtained by rapid prototyping technology.
A validation phase is planned to experimentally compare the cooling effect in a Low NOx combustor and to assess the design parameters of the proposed new methodology.

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