Focus 4 - Methodology demonstration for efficient low NOx combustors

  • Demonstration of the performance improvements achievable with low NOx combustor designs
  • Designs to be tested mainly developed within IMPACT-AE or previous EU programmes
  • Accounting for trade off in terms of emissions, operability and durability up to TRL 4-5
  • Validation rules implemented into KBE systems will be validated and reviewed
  • Improved fuel staging control laws by multi-sector testing of staged injector at mid-power conditions
  • Control laws of low NOx combustor with LPP injectors by full annular testing of LPP injectors (LBO, emissions, traverse)
  • Low pressure (Idle) sector combustion validation by multi-sector rig testing (stability limits)
  • High temperature (MTO) combustion validation by multi-sector testing (traverse, metal temperature)
  • Operability study of an innovative low NOx combustor by Low pressure full annular testing of TVC-like combustor (emissions, PIV, OH PLIF)
  • Full annular high pressure emissions testing of a low emission combustor with lean burn injector to validate KBE methods
  • Experiments on cooled cooling air duct systems by full annular isothermal testing of novel CCA

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