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Partners in Europe

AvioAero a GE Aviation Business Further Information :

Organizational Activities

Avio is a leading aerospace Company, established in 1908 and grown since then around its core business of aerospace propulsion. Avio has four major lines of business: modules and components for military and civil aircraft and helicopter propulsion systems; MR&O and Services for military and civil aircraft and helicopter propulsion systems; Space propulsion and tactical propulsion systems; Jet Derivative engines and Automation system for naval and industrial applications. Avio is world leader in design of low pressure turbine (LPT) modules and components throughout a wide range of applications for long/medium range aircraft and regional jets.

In addition, Avioprop s. r. L. (formerly Protocast) contributes to IMPACT-AE. The Avio subsidiary was established in 2004, and its activity covers the areas of Engineering and CAD 3D, Rapid Prototyping for plastic components, Rapid Manufacturing in aluminium alloys by investment casting trough sintered polystyrene, Rapid Manufacturing in titanium alloys by Electron Beam Melting (EBM) and Rapid Manufacturing in stainless steel and cobalt base alloys by Selective Laser Melting (SLM).

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