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Partners in Europe

CNRS - CORIA Université de Rouen Further Information :

Organizational Activities

CORIA is a joint laboratory organized between CNRS, the University of Rouen, and INSA of Rouen. INSA is a French “Grande Ecole” that is part of the INSA engineering-school network. Its primary mission is to provide excellence in scientific research and development, and to maintain strong links with industry. CORIA-CNRS is a Mechanical Engineering Lab (185 people) fully devoted to reacting flows. The CORIA team addresses three main topics: Combustion (Gas phase combustion, Two-phase combustion, Modelling and simulation of reacting flows), Plasmas, Two-Phase Flows, and Turbulence: Transport Processes and Control, Atmospheric Pollution: Emissions and Impacts and Electromagnetism, Optics, Optoelectronics. The combustion group (30 people) will be involved in this project. This group has cumulated a strong expertise in the analysis of turbulent reacting flows, using both optical diagnostics and CFD tools (DNS, LES, and RANS).

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